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Eyre Security-first AI meeting assistant

Accelerate your meetings with the world's most secure AI assistant

“In today’s digital world, securing confidential meetings is critical. Eyre.ai gives us complete peace of mind. Knowing our discussions are encrypted from start to finish allows us to focus on collaborating effectively.”

Alastair Caisley

Chief Insurance Officer

Eyre.ai prioritizes security throughout the entire meeting process using encryption methods, zero-knowledge architecture, and data storage options.

Meeting productivity and management features are built on top of robust zero-knowledge, edge computing architecture with distributed Web3 meeting data storage for enhanced security.

Leveraging advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, Eyre AI-powered platform swiftly analyses your meeting topic to provide meeting agenda, transcript, meeting recaps, and task management.

This accelerates the overall meeting process and maintains efficiency and engagement for remote and on-site teams.

Eyre platform centralises meeting data and insights, fostering organization-wide productivity and engagement.

With a single source of truth, teams collaboratively access and leverage meeting information, enabling informed collaboration, better decision-making, and effective use of meeting analytics across the organization.

Eyre provides a unique level of control by allowing you to choose where your meeting data resides. You can opt for on-site storage, a secure cloud environment, or a decentralized network like IPFS.

Meeting transcripts, notes and files are securely shared across your teams while minimizing data breach risks.

Our intelligent AI platform revolutionizes the way meetings are conducted by automatically identifying, extracting, and analyzing key information. This includes crucial elements such as tasks, deadlines, sentiment, and even tone of voice.

By processing and understanding these aspects in real-time, Eyre captures the essence of each meeting without the need for manual note-taking. Nothing important is overlooked, providing a clear summary of responsibilities and timelines. This not only streamlines follow-up actions but also enhances accountability within the team.

Eyre ensures that all meeting notes, transcriptions, and recordings are securely stored and easily accessible by authorized participants from any location. This accessibility supports seamless collaboration and follow-up actions, enhancing overall meeting productivity.

Decentralized storage offers robust protection against single points of failure and cyber-attacks. By distributing data across a secure network, Eyre.ai ensures that sensitive information is not vulnerable to centralized attacks, providing an extra layer of security that traditional cloud storage solutions cannot match.

Unlike cloud-based solutions, which transmit data to remote servers, Eyre.ai processes data locally on users' devices. This local processing minimizes the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access, as sensitive meeting information never leaves the user's secure environment.

Processing data within the user's web browser keeps sensitive information off centralized servers to reduce latency.

By leveraging edge computing and local language model (LLM) processing, Eyre.ai significantly reduces latency, ensuring real-time transcription and analysis during meetings.

This immediate feedback and processing enhance the flow of discussions, enabling participants to focus on the meeting rather than technical delays. Plus, you can forget feeling being observed by some AI bot - Eyre doesn't access your meeting data!

Previously, juggling security concerns slowed down our meeting efficiency. Eyre prioritizes encryption and access control while providing meeting agendas, transcripts, and recaps. It’s a win-win for productivity and security.

Marcelle Renard

Partner at Cantelli & Renard GmbH

Have the Peace of Mind Knowing Your Meeting Data Is Safe

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