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Eyre Security-first AI meeting assistant

Effortlessly Secure Meeting Management

Powered by EyreFusion™ AI Engine

In today’s data-driven world, data breaches are a constant concern. Eyre.ai eliminates that worry for your business. Our secure AI meeting assistant with zero-knowledge architecture ensures your sensitive meeting content remains confidential. 

Eyre security-first AI meeting assistant
Eyre security-first AI meeting assistant

Enter your meeting details to get agenda and discussion points

Preparing for a meeting is as easy as a few clicks.

Choose your meeting topic and let secure proprietary AI generate your meeting agenda and discussion points, so that your meeting attendees come prepared and informed.

Eyre is designed to securely fit into your workflow.

Intelligent Encryption for Meeting Content and Data

Enter the era of efficient AI processing. EyreFusion is designed to process your meeting information in a decentralized way, not on a third-party cloud, risking your sensitive data.

No more endless hours spent listening through lengthy discussions. Our AI does the heavy lifting for you, bringing your the meeting transcript and summaries, while encrypting your sensitive info from start to finish.

Eyre security-first AI meeting assistant
Eyre security-first AI meeting assistant

Collaborate in Real-Time

Communication is key to successful remote collaboration – and we make it secure and confidential.

Eyre creates a meeting recap in mere moments, allowing you to share it with your colleagues or carefully vetted third parties for real-time collaboration.

Move the tasks forward with unprecedented efficiency as you work together to get the job done.

Unlock the Power of Web3 Distributed Data Storage

Once the meeting is over, its transcript and meeting notes become valuable digital assets. Now you can do more than just store them away.

Mine data, gather insights, and support critical business decisions using the wealth of information stored in your meeting data.

Eyre advanced workflows enable you to extract maximum value from every meeting, while securely storing your encrypted backup on device, in cloud, or distributed – you choose!

Eyre security-first AI meeting assistant

Previously, juggling security concerns slowed down our meeting efficiency. Eyre prioritizes encryption and access control while providing meeting agendas, transcripts, and recaps. It’s a win-win for productivity and security.

Marcelle Renard

Partner at Capelli & Renard GmbH

Have the Peace of Mind Knowing Your Meetings Data Is Safe

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