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Eyre Swiss secure meeting assistant

Bulletproof Security for Your Online Meetings

Finally, a meeting assistant that puts security first. Breathe easy with fresh Eyre.

Imagine having a virtual assistant who handles the logistics of your online meetings but with a focus on keeping everything confidential and secure. Eyre.ai streamlines the meeting process while ensuring sensitive information is protected.

Eyre security-first AI meeting assistant

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“Eyre is a game-changer for executives who deal with confidential information. Knowing our meetings are secure from start to finish gives us the peace of mind to focus on strategic discussions.”

Felix Rhodes

Partner and Head of IT & Technology
Vertigo Data Rooms

“With the rise of cybercrime, data scraping, phishing, and fraud, secure communication is paramount. Eyre.ai online meeting platform gives us the confidence to conduct sensitive meetings online without compromising confidentiality. As a nice bonus, online connectivity became more swift.”

Anne Simoros


“Eyre’s data storage flexibility is a breath of fresh air. We can leverage local servers while maintaining control over our meeting data and supplementary documentation. This level of customization is invaluable.”

Daniel Lee

M&A Advisory
Jasper Ventures LLC

Built for the ultimate meeting security and productivity from ground-up*

We rigourously test the platform 3 times a week against 750,000 data points and update its knowledge base daily by our in-house data scientists.

*Yes, we mean it!

Just plug and meet. Eyre creates and share meeting agendas, templates, summaries and follow-up messages. This ensures everyone comes prepared and stays engaged and productive.

All meeting content, from transcripts to meeting notes, is encrypted both while being transmitted (in transit) and when stored (at rest). This adds a crucial layer of protection against unauthorized access.

We use edge computing, meaning a lot of the processing happens within your web browser rather than on a remote server. Keeping sensitive data off centralized servers offers additional security benefits .

You can choose to store your meeting backups and other data - on-site on your own servers, in secure cloud, or even on a decentralized network for enhanced security and data ownership control.

This advanced security concept ensures that Eyre.ai itself never gains access to the actual content of your meetings. It only processes the encrypted data, further minimizing the risk of security breaches.

Access controls allow you to manage who can see and participate in your meetings, ensuring only authorized individuals have access to meeting transcripts and meeting notes. share more_vert

“Previously, juggling security concerns slowed down our meeting efficiency. Eyre prioritizes encryption and access control while providing meeting agendas, transcripts, and recaps. It’s a win-win for productivity and security.”

Marcelle Renard

Partner at Capelli & Renard, Pfäffikon

Eyre.ai: The Ultimate AI Assistant for Security-Conscious Businesses

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